Will the Detroit Lions select a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft?

As our own Mike Payton pointed out this week, the Detroit Lions are capable of doing just about anything in the 2023 NFL Draft. After strong free agency and two highly successful drafts, the Lions needs are relatively low. Given that Detroit has a ton of draft capital, the Lions could go two ways with the draft. They could use all that capital to improve several different places on the list, or they could bundle some of these picks together to get even better, albeit fewer, better prospects.

Lions fans may not like to talk about it, but the draft discussion really starts at quarterback. While the team have professed their faith in Jared Goff as a starter in the present, it’s fair to wonder how long the team plan to commit to him, given that his current contract expires at the end. of the 2024 season.

But even if the Lions kick that decision, there’s still a need for a quarterback beyond a starter. The Lions promised to add competition to the venue this offseason, and they haven’t yet. No matter how Brad Holmes tries to spin Nate Sudfeld’s re-signing, it’s clear the Lions were planning to do more to improve the depth there.

So today’s question is:

Will the Lions sign a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft?

My answer: Let me get rid of that now and say that I don’t think the Lions will bring a starting-level talent to quarterback in this year’s draft. I believe that to get a top-three player to that position in that class, they’ll have to trade, and Detroit isn’t desperate enough to fill that need by spending extra draft capital. I wouldn’t completely rule out a guy like Hendon Hooker in round two or three, but before that, it seems like a big overpayment.

Whether they’ll draft a backup quarterback later in the draft is a little harder to predict. The Lions have reportedly made a big offer to Teddy Bridgewater, so if Detroit comes out empty-handed from the draft, they could have a contingency plan in place.

That said, I think the Lions will draft a quarterback sometime after day one of the draft. They could use a young talent who could eventually become a substitute or, if they are incredibly lucky, a player who can start. There’s no problem throwing darts late in the draft, whether it’s UCLA’s Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Georgia’s Stetson Bennett, or any other quarterback you think deserves a shot in the dark.

Your turn.


Will the Lions draft a QB in the 2023 NFL Draft?

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    Yes, in the first round

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    Yes, day 2

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  • 42%

    Yes, but only on day 3

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