This electric tank truck will transport clean energy with 96 batteries

As the world moves towards a sustainable future, some regions have an abundance of renewable energy, while others are geographically disadvantaged. Japanese start-up PowerX has a solution with the world’s first battery-electric tanker, “X”, designed to transport clean energy by sea.

What does PowerX do?

PowerX is a battery startup on a mission to change the way the world uses and transfers clean energy.

While most of the world’s energy today is transferred in the form of fossil fuels, PowerX is looking to the future with an electric-powered vessel that will transport clean energy to the places that need it most. .

To accomplish its mission, PowerX designs and develops an “energy transfer vessel” to transport renewable electricity around the world and establish an “ocean power grid”.

The startup unveiled plans last summer to establish its first gigafactory in Japan to produce battery storage solutions, including its Hypercharger, an ultra-fast (up to 240kW) EV charger powered by renewable energy. In addition, PowerX will manufacture grid-scale stationary batteries, marine batteries and home batteries.

Power Base, the company’s giga-factory, has an annual production capacity of 5 GWh, equivalent to approximately 10,000 battery storage units for its various solutions.

Moving quickly, PowerX revealed the detailed design of its inaugural vessel, “X”, at Monday’s Bariship International Maritime Expo.

The electric tanker that will transport clean energy by sea

The 140-meter-long battery-electric tanker X has an electric cruising range of up to 300 km to transport clean energy from offshore wind, from grid to grid or to an island.

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With 96 (2.5 MWh) marine-grade LFP batteries, the electric tanker can hold a total of 241 MWh of renewable energy. PowerX claims the battery design is “highly scalable” and will be able to handle more batteries in the future.

An included power monitoring system monitors battery systems and charge controllers, relaying remaining battery life.

Source: Bloomberg/PowerX

The electric tank truck is currently optimized for traveling over short distances. Still, CEO Masahiro Ito says as battery density increases and costs go down, the company will be able to transport more batteries a longer distance.

The company aims to complete its first vessel by 2025, with field trials to begin the following year.

PowerX signed a Memorandum of Understanding and partnered with Kyushu Electric Power Co and the City of Yokohama to turn the concept into reality and decarbonize the ports. Additionally, a new company, Ocean Power Grid Inc., will be established later this year to manage battery tanker operations.

Source: Power X

The electric tanker will help connect grids, offshore wind farms and islands to renewable energy where underground cables are not ideal due to seismic activity, deep water, etc.

As a result, regions with abundant renewable energy can share with the less fortunate a cleaner and more sustainable future for all.

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