Review/Recap of Saint X Episodes 1-3: The Early 2010s Stands Horribly

Saint X Episodes 1-3 Review: This psychological thriller based on the book of the same title by Alexis Schaitkin stars Alycia Debnam-Carey as Emily, West Duchovny as Alison, Jayden Elijah as Edwin, Josh Bonzie as Gogo, Kenlee Anaya Townsend as Young Claire, Michael Park as Bill Thomas. and Betsy Brandt as Mia Thomas, alongside other cast members. The series is created by Leila Gerstein and directed by Darren Grant and Dee Rees. Cinematography is by Tony Mirza and Richard Rutkowski.

– Saint X Episode 1-3 Review/Recap Contains Spoilers –

Saint X Episodes 1-3 Review/Recap

Saint X Episode 1 Review/Recap

In the first episode, we get a glimpse of what the series is about through a series of extremely confusing montages. The main characters of this show are Alison and Emily. From the flashbacks, we understand that Alison doesn’t come home one night and is deemed missing until her body resurfaces near the hotel. People suspect the two hotel bellboys, Edwin and Gogo, to be the perpetrators.

Younger sister Claire has been completely traumatized by this ordeal, and we see that she has some strange coping mechanisms, which causes some tension in the family. The older version of Claire, somehow called Emily, is now reeling from these effects after managing to overlook the symptoms. The only solace is her boyfriend, who is ready to keep things afloat.

While the series could have started strong here, it really felt that nothing was new to offer. It’s a classic thriller with a bunch of characters who are all suspect. Both Edwin and Gogo prove to be extremely problematic, especially when it comes to women. The show has weird transitions, terrible writing, and the kind of main character energy that’s very outdated in this current genre of television.

Saint X Episodes 1 to 3 Review/Recap: Still 1
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Saint X Episode 2 Review/Recap

Emily reunites with Gogo, also known as Clive, as an adult in New York City, in the Flatbush region, primarily a region of the Caribbean. Even though several people ask her if she’s okay with it, she seems to have chosen to tell people that she’s fine even though she tried to get answers about Alison’s death.

In flashback, we see that Alison has gotten comfortable with the other people of Indigo Bay, the compound they all live in. Edwin and Gogo have been tasked with getting cocaine by one of the guests, and the former is ready to break his teeth. and a nail to do it. Alison also mingles extremely well with Edwin, while Claire mingles with Gogo while playing Checkers. Something is going on between Edwin and Alison, but she backs off when he blows her off in the worst possible way.

This episode really reminded the writer of the days when Wattpad was a big deal. The writing is certainly reminiscent of that, and the soap opera energy this show gives off is a direct extension of that type of writing as well. Although Victoria Pedretti was initially associated with the project, her reason for leaving the show made perfect sense. The drama of this show is really concerning and serves no purpose for the betterment of the plot.

Review of episodes 1 to 3 of Saint X: Still 2
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Saint X Episode 3 Review/Recap

Edwin manages to get the cocaine, but he finds out the drug dealer is a homosexual, and it sets him off. As long as he’s happy, he’s safe. He is more angry with Desmond, who does not care to reveal this detail. Meanwhile, the American group of teenage tourists has its vibe and vacation. One of the other girls decides to corner Alison and tells her that she can’t have all the guys in the hotel. But they later become friends because of Alison’s weird habit that makes her less than perfect.

We move a little further into the future of the incident and see a family walking by the waterfall when they come across Alison’s body. The police commissioner is convinced that Edwin and Gogo have something to do with it. In the present, Emily is still following Clive and actively lying to her boyfriend. Simultaneously, Clive is haunted by his actions and sees the fictional creature that is said to haunt all the islanders.

There is absolutely no acting prowess in these actors. They thought they could produce a show like The White Lotus, with a bunch of unlikable characters, but the character build and writing make it a cheap copy of what it could be. The female characters are so poorly portrayed without any redeeming qualities. They are depicted as a monolith with no other motive than hanging out with men. Again, the energy unlike any other girl is so high that this show wouldn’t have worked unless it came out much sooner.

Saint X Episodes 1 to 3 Review: Still 3
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Saint X Episodes 1-3 are currently streaming on Hulu.

Do you think the mysterious nature of the series will last throughout the season? Let us know in the comments below.

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