Relatives of Bam Margera staged an intervention after his recent arrest

Bam Margera has been a public figure for decades, thanks to his work on MTV Donkey. He finally got his own spin-off Long live the Bam, although it has recently made headlines for not-so-good reasons. Specifically, for various arrests and a very public struggle with substance issues. And it turns out Margera’s relatives staged an intervention after his recent arrest.

While the skateboarder/reality TV personality went viral just yesterday for fleeing the cops after a riot in Pennsylvania, Margera was also recently arrested for public intoxication in San Diego while his son and his ex-wife were present. Now we may know more about what was going on at that time, thanks to a report from TMZ. This outlet spoke to an anonymous source close to the celebrity, who revealed that Bam’s friends had staged an intervention earlier this month after the viral arrest.

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