Mother says he ‘just needs to settle down and clear up’

As Pennsylvania State Police continue to search for Bam Margera, the Donkey The star’s mother, April Margera, is speaking out, saying the West Chester native “just needs to calm down and come clean”.

“We all love him so much, and we just want to help him, and we’re not against him,” April Margera told Fox News. “We just want to try to get him to help.”

Authorities have been looking for Margera, 43, since Sunday when police responded to a disturbance on the 400 block of Hickory Hill Road in Pocopson Township. Margera allegedly punched her brother, Jesse, and threatened to kill everyone in the house, including her father, Phil.

Margera was charged with several misdemeanors, including making terrorist threats against her father, brother and two others, as well as simple assault and harassment. Police have not been able to locate Margera since he fled the scene on Sunday.

Margera’s mother told Fox News that Margera was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and was not taking her medication. The star, his mother said, “just thinks he’s running away from trouble.”

“He just needs to settle down and come clean, and I think it’s just hard for him to go off his meds and try to argue with it,” she said. “We just want him to get better. I mean, the things he does aren’t criminal in his mind.

April Margera added that she was not sure where Margera had been since Sunday and that he had not taken any vehicles belonging to the family. She does not believe he remained in the West Chester area and the family have yet to hear from anyone about his whereabouts.

Margera has long struggled with substance use disorders and alcoholism, and recently made headlines in a series of substance abuse incidents. In March, he was arrested in connection with a domestic violence incident in which he allegedly kicked an unidentified woman in Escondido, California. Later that same month, he was arrested for public intoxication in Burbank.

Margera has been in and out of rehab centers for years, and her sobriety issues have often come out publicly. Part of the problem, her mother said, is that the rehab system may not be celebrity-friendly.

“It’s really just a system failure,” her mother said. “Sometimes when you’re a celebrity, it’s like you’re getting special treatment in rehab, and it doesn’t help.”

April Margera added that her son “just needs to grab hold of sobriety and get back to himself and not this hurt and pain that he feels he can’t seem to hide other than pain. drink”.

Margera’s struggles, while highly publicized, are not unusual, her mother said.

“I think he’s just been portrayed as a monster, and anyone on drugs turns into a monster: girls, kids, parents,” she said. “I’ve seen it tear a million people apart, and the fact that tons of people come up to me every day and say, ‘I’m in the same situation as yours – mine just isn’t up to par. television. “”

According to an affidavit from Sunday’s incident, Margera’s brother said Margera knocked on his locked bedroom door early on Sunday and left a signed note threatening them if they considered calling the police. Jesse Margera added that he then found the Donkey star urinating in the kitchen sink. The situation escalated into beatings, with Bam Margera punching his brother on the right side of his face.

Jesse Margera has since responded to fans on social media, downplaying his injuries as “no loud cry”. He added that he wanted Bam Margera, who he said “has been up for about a week at this point and hallucinating”, to get help, which “is about 20 years overdue”.

“It is the constant death threats against my parents and other family members that I will not just sit back and tolerate,” Jesse wrote online. “He is a danger to himself and anyone around him and that is unacceptable.”

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