Marvel Releases Map and Trailer for X-Men Comedy Event

When it comes to location, superheroes tend to operate in two modes. Either they’re firmly in a townwith occasional stops at other nearby locations, or they gallop virtually anywhere in the world (or galaxy, in some cases). It can be dizzying at times, to the point where you might need a map to keep up with everyone – and luckily Marvel did just that for the X-Men.

With Fall of X in July, things will turn sour for the mutants and their island nation of Krakoa. It’s to the point where many of them will be scattered across the world, and Marvel has released a map showing the location of each of the key players in the editorial line. (Each of them, oddly enough, is headlining an ongoing comic book or miniseries that begins around the same time as Autumn.) Several of the books are set in New York – while Iron Man and the main X-Men team are there in their respective books, Nightcrawler will play at being a webhead in The strange Spider-Man and Madelyne Pryor has built her own team of Dark X-Men who settled in the Limbo Embassy in New York. Also on this side of the country are the Uncanny Avengers – with Rogue, Kwannon and Quicksilver among its mutant lineup – in Washington, DC. The latest mutant in the United States is Wolverine, who will be in Utah for the next arc of his titular solo comic.

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To North-east Alpha Flight, a frequent ally of the mutants who have now been called upon to bring down the Krakoans; in Ecuador are the Children of the Vault, who are currently fighting with Bishop and Cable. Finally, we have Iceman in Antarctica for his amazing iceman series, Emma Frost in Mykonos preparing for the Hellfire gala where this is all about to take place, and the Silent Council of Krakoa on the island itself in Immortal X-Men.

There are, however, four pockets of mutants that cannot be accounted for, as they are not on Earth. Safer March Arakko in the pages of Red X-MenStorm drives her Brotherhood of Mutants as a civil war breaks out on the planet. Magik, Typhoid Mary, Dani Moonstar and other mutants are in Vanaheim to Kingdom of X. Jean Gray is MIA for her titular miniseries and black ops location X Force the team is equally suspicious. We will know for sure in the weeks to come, because Fall of X ends the era of the X-Men’s Krakoan to make way for something new. You can take a look at Falls list of titles to come in the trailer below.

FALL OF X | Official trailer | Marvel Comics

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