Main event Jey Uso moves the needle

Everyone who comes to Cageside Seats has an opinion on what’s going on in pro wrestling – the wrestler ratings are where YOU let us know YOURS.

Vote in the comments. Give us the five artists you think have entertained or impressed the most in the past week, and be sure to explain why.

We also have the results of last week’s vote, the results of which form our annual contest for the Cage side sectiongiven to our Performer of the year.

This week, we’re voting on the nationally televised and internet-streamed pro wrestling shows that took place June 18-24 – Raw, NXT, Powerrr, dynamite, Impact, Fusion, Smack down, Carnage, Higher level, Collisionand everything else that I’m probably forgetting.

But first, here’s the results of last week’s vote, and how those results changed our annual competition for the Cage side section.

A lot has changed in the last nine and a half years, but these guys are still on top…

  • Roman Reigns (former, at least for now) Right Hand Man gained 2.5 points more than One Bill Phil to grab the top spot.
  • dynamiteThe Eliminator draw earned its fighters two spots in the Top Six.
  • Between them was the new TNT Champion and the star of the AEW Women’s Division.
  • CollisionThe other two comebacks from have earned spots in the back half of the Top Ten.
  • NXT’s new Heritage Cup champion and the man who hopes to reclaim the IWGP United States title from New Japan tonight in Toronto completes our latest rankings.

The CCWR: 2023-24, week 11

1. Jey Uso
2.CM Punk
3. Adam Cole
4. Luchasaurus
5. Sky Blue
7. (tie) Andrade the idol
7. (tie) Nathan Frazer
9. Will Ospreay
10. Miro

Points from our weekly leaderboards determine the ongoing annual leaderboard – which will determine who wins the Cage side section next April. Full rules and scoring details HERE.

Where ten people have more than ten points, so we no longer need to list everyone who only won the week in the Top Ten…

Cageside Cup Performer of the Year Rankings – Through Week Ending June 17

1. Cassidy Orange – 56
2. Seth Rollin – 21.5
3. Solo Score – 21
4. (tie) AND SKY – 16
4. (tie) Roderick Strong – 16
4. (those) Mercedes Moné – 16
7. Jey Uso – 15.5
8. MJF – 13
9. Gunther – 12
10. Sky Blue – 11

Ready to start over? You can always check the “how to” here if you need it, or ask a question in the comments. The main things you need to know are that you have five spots on your ballot, you can’t put the same person in two of them, but you can share one or more spots between multiple wrestlers. NOW…

Let’s have those ballots! We’ll take it from there and see you back here in a week for the results and another vote!

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