‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Wonders’, ‘Wish’ and more. – Deadline

Disney will keep it relatively short this AM in its presentation of its crème de la crème this year on the big screen compared to Warner Bros.’ two-hour but robust session yesterday.

In a first appearance at CinemaCon, Disney Entertainment Co-Chairman Alan Bergman kicked off the session after a splashy new Disney 100 logo for the studio.

“I wanted to personally thank you for your support,” the co-chairman said, “It’s so gratifying to see the company coming back.”

Indeed, the exhibit is also happy after Disney practiced theatrical day and date on Disney+ during the 2020-2021 portion of the pandemic. No more, the films presented here are only intended for the big screen.

“Thank you for the success of OpenA: The way of the water,” added Bergman.

Tony Chambers, head of theatrical distribution, says this is the first time since 2019 that they’ve released films from all seven labels, including Lucasfilm, Disney Animation, Marvel, 20th and Searchlight.

The first was a clip by James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, a clip with Peter Quill and a different version of Gamora on a planet in astronaut gear. “I know you don’t remember anything. You were everything to me, I miss you so much. he tells her, longing for her love. The funny kicks in with the rest of the gang – Drax, Nebula, and Mantis – as they listen to Peter pour out his heart. The film does not open this weekend, but the next, to launch the summer. The planned national opening is $130 million.

The trailer for Wonders, who has already fallen, also played. Chambers announced that Wish, their original Disney Thanksgiving animated film cast Chris Pine as King Magnifico. They showed a clip of Ariana DeBose’s princess singing a very pretty and powerful hymn, “So I Made This Wish” as she swirls under a starry sky. Much applause from the Colosseum crowd here at Caesar’s Palace. Pic opens November 22. It doesn’t look like a strange world, but a return to the princess verse for the animation studio that was overtaken post-pandemic by Illumination’s double punch Super Mario Bros. And Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Melissa McCarthy aka Ursula surprised on stage to speak Little Mermaid, which opens on Memorial Day weekend.

“Did someone say my name.. I had something in my throat,” said the Bridesmaids The Oscar nominee takes the stage. “It was an honor to play one of Disney’s most delightful and iconic villains. You can’t help but love him.

“Ursula is everything – she’s flat, she’s a broad accomplice, maybe that’s why I identify with her,” McCarthy said. The clip featured McCarthy singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. It is in this sequence that Ursula grants Ariel’s wish to become a human. The Compromise – Ursula will end up owning her soul. Ursula asks Ariel to sing “Ahh ahhh ahh”; taking his voice. McCarthy is campy, loud, and makes this production so screen-worthy in the musical number. Huge applause. May 26.

The first trailer and first clip of Disney’s theme park feature film, Haunted house, was shown, and let’s just say it’s very faithful to the ride to the sinking elevator lobby with the long creepy footage. The clip begins with Danny DeVito narrating: “Sometime after 1788 the mansion was discovered, fully constructed. That’s when things started to get weird. A series of traumatic events, paranormal attacks. There are no records, only stories. Tiffany Haddish plays a psychic—how much, remains the question (“People used to eat here,” she says as she walks into a dusty dining room). We see LaKeith Stanfield put his fingers in the eyes of a painted woman and find a secret door. The hook with that Haunted house: After midnight everything changes, every room is a trap. Look for Jamie Lee Curtis as the floating crystal ball, Madame Leota. Rosario Dawson, Winona Ryder, Jared Leto and Hasan Minhaj also star. July 28 is the release date.

Disney then showed 20 minutes of 3D footage from their June 16 release, Pixar’s Elementary, which opens on the same date as Warner Bros.’ The flash.

The other trailer shown included 20th/New Regency’s The creator, Taika Waititi The next goal wins from Searchlight and a chase scene from Lucasfilm Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate.

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