I am a dentist — these 5 foods are bad for your teeth


May 17, 2023 | 9:42 p.m.

Prepare yourself before eating these foods.

London-based cosmetic dentist and founder of Bespoke Smile, Dr Sam Jethwa, reveals the five foods people should avoid for the sake of their teeth.

First step: crispy pork. Also known as pork rinds, the crunchy side dish can cause cracks in the teeth that could eventually lead to cavities.

“Cracks are usually due to biting issues, but are also often caused by eating foods such as cracking or biting into a popcorn kernel, which is why I try to avoid any this,” Jethwa told the DailyMail.

“Particles of these crunchy foods can also get stuck in the grooves of your teeth, causing tooth decay over time.”

Olives — or any fruit with pits — can eventually wear down your teeth, says Dr. Sam Jethwa.
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And while olives are considered a healthy snack, Jethwa says biting into ones with pits can damage your chompers.

“Most of these cracks go unnoticed because dentists aren’t trained to spot them, until postgraduate training that isn’t part of regular training,” he explained.

“In fact, it’s such a big problem in the UK that I have an academy that trains dentists.”

Our teeth become weaker and more susceptible to decay as we age.
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He clarified that aging plays a role in weakening teeth and said the olive rule actually applies to all fruits with pits, including cherries, dates and peaches.

Gobstoppers and Jawbreakers are also a big no-no for Jethwa.

As the name suggests, the candy is so strong that it can break, crack and chip your teeth.

The sweet, sticky texture of caramels makes them a big no-no for dentists.
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“The fact that they’re designed to stay in the mouth for a long time means the sugar will be directly exposed to the teeth for an extended period of time, causing cavities and cavities,” he said.

Jethwa also advises against turmeric lattes, which have gained traction in trendy cafes.

Gobstoppers – and Jawbreakers – are also a big no to Jethwa.
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The mixture of nut milk and turmeric root juice isn’t good for your teeth, says Jethwa, because the bright yellow aromatic powder can stain.

“All teeth are prone to staining and discoloration, and turmeric can be especially problematic for people who have recently had their teeth whitened,” he explains.

And they are especially not good for veneers.

“After a whitening treatment, your teeth may be more vulnerable to staining, and although porcelain veneers should not be stained by turmeric, your natural teeth may be, and so since your veneers are tailored to your teeth natural, if stains occur, your veneers will stick out.”

Finally, sugar and the sticky, hard texture of caramel candy is a recipe for cracking or chipping teeth, Jethwa warns.

Turmeric lattes are another item on the banned list.
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“I would never eat caramel because they are bad for your teeth,” he clearly stated.

“Not only does the fact that they’re so chewy mean they stick to your teeth longer than most foods, which means they’re more likely to cause cavities.”

Cracking can cause tooth decay over time.
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“The sticky texture of these could also pose huge problems for people who have fillings, crowns, composite bonds or braces, as they could dislodge or even pull one of them out,” a- he added.

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