Husband Says Wife Cooks Lunch Based On How He Treats Her The Night Before

David Figueroa shows off his lunch on TikTok

David Figueroa shows off his lunch on TikTok

David Figueroa has found the state of his lunches, lovingly prepared by his wife, to be a non-verbal barometer of their relationship. Figueroa, a postal worker from San Diego, gave an original insight into his married life.

He posted humorous and candid videos on video-sharing app TikTok, where he revealed how his wife’s mood and feelings about their recent interactions had a direct impact on the content and quality of the lunch she prepared for him.

Figueroa quickly learned from his mistakes.

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Figueroa said his wife cooked her lunch based on how he treated her the night before.

In his first video, he noticed that his wife’s feelings for him the day before directly influenced the quality of his lunch box the next day. The night before, he was “tossing and turning”, affecting his wife’s sleep, which was reflected in her lunch the next day.

“She gives me the two pieces of bread, barely any meat, no cheese, a squirt of something and barely any mayonnaise,” he said with a mixture of humor and disappointment.

He concluded the video with advice to his viewers, reminding them of the importance of treating their partners well. The lesson learned: good behavior leads to better lunches.

In a happier sequel, Figueroa showed how a fantastic weekend with his wife led to a remarkable improvement in his takeout meal. He treated his wife to a date and played video games together, after which he discovered a deliciously loaded lunch box.

“I have a full sandwich this time, lots of cheese, lots of mayonnaise, lots of mustard…a rice cake, raisins, nuts, raisins and cheese, electrolytes, water, a granola bar and my favorite, energy drinks,” Figueroa said.

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This experience reconfirmed his hypothesis: when his wife is treated like a queen, his lunch becomes a king’s feast.

Despite the seemingly simple formula for a great lunch, Figueroa revealed in a later video that balance is crucial. After a five-hour gaming session, which irritated his wife, his lunch came with a note and a PlayStation controller.

The note read, “This remote should be your lunch since you spent 5 hours gaming last night and zero quality time with me!”

Figueroa promised her viewers to spend more quality time with her. However, she still packed him a loaded lunch with a PB&J sandwich, snacks, and drinks.

Amid the funny lunch stories, Figueroa also answered questions from her followers in one of her videos. He gave a detailed explanation of his working harness, a piece of equipment that had aroused the curiosity of his viewers.

Plus, he answered the burning question of why he doesn’t cook his own lunches, admitting that his previous attempts fell short. He candidly admitted to only packing an Uncrustables sandwich and often even forgot to include water.

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In his latest video, he excitedly revealed a perfect lunch made after treating his wife like a queen.

The bread was just right, no unwanted butt bits this time, and the rest of the lunch was “very good”. Through her series of humorous videos, Figueroa highlights the ebbs and flows of her relationship, told through packed lunches.

People took to the comments to share similar stories of how their mood towards their spouse affects the lunch they give them.

“I cook my husband’s lunch every morning and he would nod his head in agreement,” one person wrote.

“I only give my husband a butter knife when he gets on my nerves. His airmen make a joke of it seeing him eat everything with a knife,” another added.

As comical as these stories are, it’s probably best to treat your significant other perfectly all the time, and not just when you want a better lunch.

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