Fans react to Guns N’ Roses launch at Glastonbury on time

Fans took to social media to express their surprise at Guns N’ Roses starting their Glastonbury headliner on time.

The rock band, including frontman Axl Rose and legendary guitarist Slash, are known for being exceptionally late to their gigs, but for the first time in a long time they started their set precisely on time.

Fans quickly took to social media to share their shock that the rock veterans arrived in time to get started.

One festival-goer tweeted: “Only time I don’t make it to a set on time, cannons and roses decide to start on time” while another said: “Canons and roses are on time! It’s a first “.

Check out all the other shocked tweets below.

Guns N’ Roses played a massive 27-song set filled with all of their classics plus a handful of covers. They dedicated “Live To Let Die” to Paul McCartney, introducing the track saying, “We’re helping a certain person celebrate the 50th anniversary of this song.”

They brought in special guest Dave Grohl to join them on their final song, “Paradise City”. While inviting the Foo Fighters frontman, Rose said, “Dave Grohl because you can never have too many guitars.”

It was speculated that Macca would be the special guest during the band’s festival slot. Macca made a cameo appearance at the end of The Pretenders at the Park Stage. Eagle-eyed fans noticed he was standing to the side of the stage.

In other Glastonbury news, yesterday (June 23) mystery band The Churnups were revealed to be the Foo Fighters, who took to the Pyramid Stage for an hour-long performance.

Elsewhere at Glastonbury, Oscar-winning actor Tilda Swinton joined Max Richter on stage – but a man tried to interrupt their set with naked protest.

The park stage saw another movie star collab yesterday (June 23), with Cate Blanchett appearing with Sparks during their early-night set.

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