Daily horoscope: April 22, 2023 | vogue india

Aries, if something feels a little stuck, especially in relationships or finances, your angels and guides want you to know that you are encouraged to release your grip on your past in any way possible. Taurus, start the day by saying a big sorry. Apologize for all those times you played small, for all those times you accepted less than you deserved, and for all those times you allowed yourself to be treated a certain way. It’s okay if your schedule and your life are a little less busy but a lot richer. If you’ve seen crazy dreams, write down the messages they convey instead of clinging to the weird, Gemini story. Looking at current affairs from an outsider’s perspective may be just what you need right now. You’ve prayed a lot, dear Cancer, and guess what, you’re fully supported. What keeps you going is your love for what you do, and now you’re seeing the results of all that love you’ve poured into things over the past two years. Let it go, Leo, let it go! Whether it’s anger, shame, guilt or frustration, don’t let it settle in your bones now. Have you tried asking for exactly what you want, Scorpio? Or maybe you asked the wrong people? It may be time to explore avenues you may have overlooked in the past and give things a very different chance.

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