Bold and beautiful recap: Liam kisses Steffy in Rome

In Rome, Liam spots Hope and Thomas just in time to see his wife drag the creator into a passionate kiss in front of the Colosseum. He vibrates with shock and indignation. As Liam stands there stunned, Hope and Thomas break apart, look at each other, and then Hope begs for more.

At the Aventine keyhole, Ridge looks through and sees Brooke on the other side. Carter mused, “It’s okay, huh?” and tells the onlookers that his friend seems bewitched. Ridge whispers, “You have no idea.” Carter tells Ridge that people are waiting their turn. Ridge says, “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Keyhole Ridge B&B

At the cliff house, Finn thanks Taylor for helping him get the kids out that morning. Taylor teases that she won’t tell Steffy. Finn says he talked to her earlier and it seems everything was a success. Taylor says Thomas told her the same thing. She wonders if Steffy gave any other information. Finn knows she’s looking for information on Brooke and Ridge and says no. He asks if she has spoken to Ridge since she left. Taylor shakes her head. She’ll talk to Ridge when he gets back. Finn assumes she hasn’t spoken to Brooke yet either. Taylor confirms that their friendship has taken a left turn into the abyss and says she’s playing the victim. Finn asks how she is. Taylor appreciates that he asks – she is disappointed in herself and Brooke. It was nice to be friends. It was nice to have someone who understood what she had been through with Brooke. Finn guesses that she doesn’t like the idea of ​​being in Rome with him. Taylor doesn’t go but doesn’t go down the rabbit hole of insecurities, “It’s not worth it.” Finn is happy and jokes that their session is over. Taylor laughs, “I’m cured!”

At the keyhole of the Aventine, Ridge frantically tries to find a way to get to the other side of the building to find Brooke.

On the gazebo in front of the Colosseum, Liam stands helplessly watching Thomas and Hope continue to kiss. When they finally move away from each other, Thomas scrutinizes her face. She looks him in the eyes.
Hope Thomas B&B

Steffy finds Carter on a sightseeing tour. He tells her that he and Ridge looked through the keyhole of the Aventine, then he just started running.

On a gazebo, Brooke looks around her. Nearby, Ridge climbs a path. Their recent conversations echo in their minds. Ridge makes his way through a gate and down another path into a garden. Finally, he sees Brooke standing and looking at the city. He calls his name. Brooke gasps, “Ridge!” Ridge says, “I found you.”
Brooke Ridge B&B

Down a cobbled street, Thomas and Hope walk hand in hand as they continue to visit.

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Near a stone wall, Liam cries. Steffy spots him and he wipes away his tears. She guesses he couldn’t find Hope. He said, “I found it. In your brother’s arms. Steffy looks stunned.
B&B Steffy Liam

At the cliff house, Taylor tells Finn that she and Ridge will talk about everything when he gets home. Finn dreams of going to Italy one day with Steffy. Taylor can’t believe Liam didn’t go there to be with Hope. Finn confesses he has a secret: he encouraged Liam to get on the plane and surprise Hope. “He realized he probably should have left sooner, but regardless, Liam is finally with the woman he loves.”

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In a cafe in Italy, Thomas toasts Hope’s success. She toasts, “For us.” They smile at each other. Once they are done, they get up to continue walking but Hope is stopped by a couple who recognize her and want a selfie. Thomas does the honors. He tells Hope, “If we have to leave, now is the time.”

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Near the stone wall, Steffy gasps, “I can’t believe it! Liam says it wasn’t Thomas. “You were right. You are always right. It was Hope. She kissed him. She kissed him. The only thing, the only thing that could tear my marriage apart was your brother and she kissed him anyway. I saw with my own eyes.” Steffy says she’s sorry, “You don’t deserve this.”
B&B Steffy Liam

Liam lowers his head and Steffy shakes hers in dismay. Steffy asks if he’s sure of what he saw. Liam is absolutely sure. “The way she bent over…she chose him. I think I just saw the one that I can’t ignore, which is my wife with your brother, who is my sworn enemy. He can take anything, but he can’t take this. “I think my marriage is over,” he says. Steffy holds him while he cries. As she reassures him, Liam suddenly kisses her. Afterwards, they look at each other, amazed.
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On the lookout, Brooke tells Ridge that she was lost. He says he was lost but he looked through that keyhole and saw his future, “I saw you.” He explains that he has seen all the answers. “I saw beauty, I saw grace, I saw my life…I saw you.” Brooke is confused. Ridge takes her hands and tells her he doesn’t want to spend another day without her, “My Logan.” Brooke lights up, “You said ‘Logan’.” Ridge asks, “Do you want to be my Logan forever.” Brooke yells, “Yes! Oh my God, yes, of course!” They kiss.
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